Wiser Decisions With Data-Supported Prediction of Technology

We provide services including data analysis, decision-making services and solutions.

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Why Choose L'ontologie?

L'ontologie focuses on addressing technology evaluation pain points in various digital transformation scenarios. Via the combination of artificial intelligence and decision science, we empower industrial decision-making, technological investment, and financial credit etc. to help customers optimize decision path and reduce costs while increasing efficiency.

  • Data Governance

    Data Management
    Data Mining
    Data Middle Platform
    Open Data Platform
    Visualized Platform
  • Models

    Large Language Model
    Natural Language Pattern
    Knowledge Graphs
    Classification Models
    Recommended Models
    Evaluate Models
  • Tools

    Visualized Tool
    Intelligent Recommendation
    Risk Control Business
    Marketing Business
    Investment Business

Discover Innovation Signals

L'ontologie adopts methodology and data to analogize and quantify technology, and elucidate facts by describing ecosystems and their impacts.

Area Layout
Industrial Analysis
Regional Analysis
Domain Analysis
Company Search
Company Evaluation
Sign Observation
Risk Control
Technology Exploration
Technology Evaluation
Talent/Team Location
Talent/Team Assessment

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